Beauty Organization: Cosmetic Datebook

To provide some background for this post, I worked in cosmetic product development for a few years before starting teaching in fashion. Naturally, I acquired tons of beauty products and samples. Over the last few years I have done by best to declutter my bathroom shelves, so they are emptier, more minimal and airy.

To be honest, I have a pretty simple beauty routine, so reorganizing to a few favourite products was not so difficult. In this whole editing process, I noticed that I accumulate a lot of products and have them around for a long time without using them up. In efforts to keep tabs on my makeup and beauty products, so they stay fresh and bacteria free, I have come up with a system that works for me. I simply keep track of the date I opened the product so I know when it is time to discard it. Some may write the date on the product itself, but I often love the packaging too much to deface it. Although I could go digital, I pick a cute notebook and use it as my Cosmetic Datebook. I have sections in my notebook divided into categories of Skincare, Face, Eyes, Lip, Nail and Body. I update it when I get a new product and when I am in organization mode, I can refer back to see if I should keep or toss something.   No more expired mascara and it helps support my decision to discard products that are past their shelf life, which can be hard when you have spent money on them. My Cosmetic Datebook has helped me streamline my beauty products and completely supports my obsession with organization!