Airy and Calm Bedroom

One of my summer projects was to update our Master Bedroom. Since we are transitioning into fall, I thought it would be a good time to share the progress.  Refreshing the overall look of the room is something that has been happening gradually over the last couple years, so it was time to focus on the last remaining details to complete the look.

A couple years ago the space had a soft and warm palette as you can see in the post Romance of a Daydream.  Although the basic layout has not changed too much, a number of the furniture pieces were swapped out for ones with a new aesthetic and some changes were also needed to meet the storage needs we developed. A few different pieces of furniture have been repurposed in other rooms, for example the night stand in the post Cheerful January Bedside Table has found a new home in the corner of the dining room to store table linens as seen in the post Dining Room Refresh.

The fresh white walls create an airy and calm feel to the room, which I was craving. I also love white linens to channel the crispness of hotel style and the room’s overall style direction has loosely taken some inspiration from The Marlton Hotel.  Décor Inspiration: Our Stay At The Marlton Hotel NYC goes over in detail all of the beauty of the interior design of our hotel room and you might see some connections. At home, our duvet cover and pillows are a beautiful lightweight linen which feels wonderful to the touch and is easy to care for.

The woven rattan headboard adds some warmth and texture back in the room along with the sisal runner at the foot of the bed. We opted for mis-matched black bedside tables. I love the crest detail of the lock on the antique piece with three drawers. Coordinating gold gilded iron table lamps with natural paper shades also help pull the look together.

To tackle our expanding storage needs we moved in the antique dresser from another room which was a piece passed down from my grandparents. Alongside the dresser we placed a few stacks of a library bookcase with baskets for more storage. At some point I plan to sew linen liners for the baskets, this is still on the to do list. The dresser and bookcase combo also helped fill the length of the room.

As far as artwork goes, we have one painting of Île d’Orléans, Québec hanging over the dresser and a gallery wall of photography taken during our travels. I also hung a set of two antique mirrors on one side of the bed to balance the window positioned on the other.

We are happy with how everything came together. The room is a perfect blend of light and lovely during the daytime for reading and a tranquil space at the end of the day for relaxing and resting come nighttime. What do you think of the results?